We have the expertise to move the product and generate flow of information of bulk fertilizer from receipt at the port, preparation of product for distribution, with complete packing until loading up on transport . Through our own software FERTINA we can consolidate the operation daily, showing a detailed product movement report avoiding extra costs.
Your product in safe hands 24/7.

  • Tally of vessel
  • Fertilizer coating
  • Fertilizer blending
  • Warehouse management
  • Stock and quality control
    • Bulk
    • Empty bags
    • Bagged product
  • Bagging
  • Loading and dispatch
    • Truck
    • Rail
    • Container
  • Machine maintenance after sales

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Customer Services

We have our own technical team to assist and support with spare parts and maintenance for our customers.
Our team can support our customers out of South Africa contacting us to obtain technical booking.
Bagtech - Support